Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pack up the Pups for some Summer Fun in the Sun

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If you could ask your pet if he or she wanted to go on vacation with you or stay in a loud kennel with strange animals and caretakers, how do you think they would answer? We’re thinking “take me with you!” is the likely answer. And the good news is that keeping your pet safe and happy during your vacation is easy with just a little planning.

It doesn’t matter what your destination; the soft, sandy beaches of Florida, or the mountainous terrain of Alaska. Your pet is going to need current and accurate information on his or her ID tags. If your pet gets lost, this is what will help reunite you and them quicker. Also, you will need to have a collar or harness and a leash. For your and your pet’s protection, as well as the safety of others, most states require you to keep your pet on a 6-foot leash. The leash allows plenty of room for you and your pet to walk while also being short enough for you to gain better and quicker control if he or she decides they don’t like what’s coming near them.

And don’t forget the food! We can always stop for a cheeseburger, but feeding that to your pet isn’t the healthiest option for them (or us, really). Packing food & bottled water along with travel bowls will keep your pet full, hydrated and happy. If your trip involves hiking or camping, a backpack for your dog is a great way for them to carry their own snacks and water. We do it, so they won’t mind either.

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