Bark Buckle UP Paw Bloggers

Christina Selter
"Pet Safety Lady"
Betty Smook from nose to tail she is the TOP Dog Paw Blogger with Bark Buckle UP (with a little help from Christina "Pet Safety Lady").

Betty the Editor for Bark Buckle UP® Paw Blogger group work with the  founder Christina Selter “Pet Safety Lady” and first responders nationwide teaching pet safety.  Betty has appeared on TV morning shows throughout California showing how easy it is to just Buckle UP every time.   Pet Safety Lady has buckled UP more then 10,000 pets. Education is the first step to show that pet safety is connected to human safety, which helps to save lives. Christina has been featured in more then 1200 TV, radio, segments including print and online takes it over tens of thousands, Bark Buckle UP received more then 100 MILLION in circulations and impressions the first year, she has directed and produced several pet safety PSA’s and created Be Smart Ride Safe-take the pledge Buckle UP the whole family.