Pet Safety Lady

Christina Selter the national go to Pet Safety Expert is also a Contributing Writer, TV Host, Spokesperson, Producer, Director and Founder of Bark Buckle UP®, Be Smart Ride Safe and is know as nationwide as the “Pet Safety Lady”.

Education is the first step for pet safety and shows that it is connected to human safety.  Bark Buckle UP received more then 100 MILLION in circulations and impressions in less then one year it was utterly a great success from the original launch.

Pet Safety Lady works with first responders nationwide teaching pet safety and have buckled UP more then 10,000 pets.  Has been featured in more then 1200 TV, radio, segments including print and online takes it over tens of thousands.

Pet Safety Lady is the recognized innovative leader and expert in pet travel safety with her reviews of automobiles, RV's, boats, hotel, resorts, thousands of pet products and her Pet Safety class that was attended by more then 60,000 children and their families nationwide and Canada in June 2010.  She is the only Pet Safety Expert that Fire and Police Chiefs continue to co-host pet safety press conferences nationwide.