Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bark Buckle UP Tips with Pet Safety Lady to GoRVing with Pets

Just like in a car with a sudden stop or accident, a loose pet can become a projectile and can be hurt or even killed. A pet can also hurt others should they be thrown through from or escape the RV (recreational vehicle). So always secure the whole family, pets included, and practice riding on short trips before you venture out on a long trip. While on the road make sure to stop every few hours for potty breaks and exercise.

According to statistics about 41% of all dog owners who set out on the road in their RVs take the family pet with them, so Buckle UP and GoRVing.

Your dog can become a safe RV companion, camper or hiker if you put SAFETY first and be prepared. Attend Bark Buckle UP's FREE Pet Safety Class at BassPro Shops Nationwide and in Canada.
Featured on Fox & Friends with Pet Safety Lady founder Bark Buckle UP shared pet travel tips and these amazing products:

Pet Friendly RV ACE Motor Home 29 RV

Natura Healthy Pet Food for Dogs, Cats and Ferrets

Mountain Smith K9 Cube and K9 Bed

Drs Foster and Smith Pet Crate, Car Seat Cover

Drs Foster and Smith Travel Bird Cage and Pirch

Sherpa ToGo Products Pet Travel Harness and Booster Seat

RedHead Reflective Collar and Leash from BassPro

TravelStix and Canine Calming Travel Spray

Or watch video HERE
Things to pack for taking your pet in your RV:

Federal law requires a 6' leash and collar/harness
ID tag (microchip is good too)
Travel bowls (fresh water & regular food)
Crate, carrier or travel harness to buckle up
Toy (chew toy or bone)
Pet medicines and pre-trip Vet visit (flea pet meds)
Travel pet pens

Visit Bark Buckle UP to sign up for your FREE Pet Safety Kit which includes the first responder decal for your RV window, just in case there is an emergency keep your printed kit in your glove-box.

These days, more pets than ever are traveling in vehicles; unfortunately, though, most drivers aren't taking the steps necessary to ensure this travel is safe for both, them and their pets. Most pets travel unrestrained, increasing the risk of pet injury or fatality during an accident.

"As a responsible pet owner it is critical the owner seek out, investigate, and purchase the safest gear available," says the Pet Safety Lady, Christina Selter, founder of Bark Buckle UP. "From pet carriers, trailers, side cars, goggles, and helmets there are multiple ways to safe guard your pet while still being able to enjoy the freedom of GoRVing with your whole family."

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