Sunday, April 17, 2011

Reality Stars Go Woofing Crazy Over Bark Buckle UP "Be Smart Ride Safe"

Pet Safety Lady filmed Reality Stars going woofing crazy over Bark Buckle UP "Be Smart Ride Safe" PSA program.

We had Christa Hastie singing a rap and dancing, X-cop Christina Coria showing how to buckle up Chopper the Biker Dog, Tyana Alvarado showing how easy to put your pet in a Sherpa carrier to buckle up and Jordan Pious the Amazing Race WINNER get just absolutely CRAZY with Spike in tow.

Reality Rally Celebrities:
Liz Cain "The Mole"
Tyana Alvarado "The Apprentice"
Christa Hastie "Survivor"
Rita Verreos "Survivor"
Jordan Pious "Amazing Race - WINNER"
Christina Coria - Lopez "Survivor"
Nate Gonzales "Survivor"
Matt Hoffman "Big Brothers"

Special Thanks:
Acura MDX
Sherpa Pet Products
Spike Taylor
Chopper the Biker Dog


RitaVerreos said...

Hi there! It's me Rita (SURVIVOR FIJI)..I'm in this video) Am wondering how I can get a copy of ALL the footage I did, please! Send me a message to the below email.

Bark Buckle UP said...

Rita we need you to email us at sorry could not see a contact for you.