Friday, April 1, 2011

Bark Buckle UP's Car the "FUR"

Paw Town, USA, April 1, 2011 – Bark Buckle UP has unleashed the new addition as the first NEW CAR manufacturer – to release the niche vehicle that will cater exclusively to a segment of the population begging for attention called the Bark Buckle UP FUR*.

FUR is Bark Buckle UP’s response to the dog call of the wild. Not dog owners, dogs. When the new C-car (for Canine) wagon debuts in 2013, it will have the distinction of being the first vehicle designed expressly for the wants and needs of four-legged creatures everywhere.

Bark Buckle UP understands that dogs are drooling for more canine convenience features in vehicles today,” said Christina Selter "Pet Safety Lady", Bark Buckle UP director of Canine Vehicle Design. “Dogs deserve to be comfortable and pampered as well. FUR will provide an inviting interior environment that addresses their every scratch and sniff. After all, dogs are our best friends.”

At first glance, the alliteratively named FUR looks like an ordinary station wagon. But any resemblance to a traditional vehicle stops there, and dogs are quickly picking up the scent of a product designed especially for them.

FUR, with its sheepskin-lined interior, is the first vehicle at the park with innovative My Paw Control, a kennel of convenience features that will have dogs perking their ears and pausing at dealerships to take a look.

FUR has special bacon-scented sensors in its quarter panels that cause the door to spring open when a dog leaps at them, eliminating the need for handles. A special Lift-Me-Up option package is also available for dogs with weight issues or back problems.

Innovative ingress is only the start of the smart My Paw Control that FUR will pioneer. The permanently folded back seat floor’s plush sheepskin covering contains memory foam, and is high enough so that dogs can enjoy a command view from any angle. Once ensconced in their favored position, dogs need only touch the side of the FUR with their nose or paw to open the automatic windows any time they feel the need to sniff sniff sniff. Special sensors in the interior, similar to the outside, allow for this.

Cushioned window frames make a comfortable ledge for your buddy to hang his head out all day long. The FUR even features No Drool Doors. These are special saliva containment devices on the doors so that tongues can happily hang out without drenching pooches to the rear. The seatbacks also offer Lap-N-Go dispensers that deliver ice-cold water into fixed porcelain water bowls at the tap of a paw.

Canine focus groups whined incessantly for leash and doggie bag holders, so FUR was built to those specifications with unique pockets to hold leashes securely and a bag dispenser that takes the hassle out of having to worry about cleanup.

Bark Buckle UP engineers have also come up with the innovative Sit-N-Stay parking feature for dogs that wander and can’t find their way back to the car. Sit-N-Stay sends an electronic signal within a 50-yard radius from the vehicle’s position. If a canine passenger wanders beyond the 50-yard limit, a bell rings, a friendly voice calls out “Treat!” and a morsel of food is dispensed at the rear of the vehicle. The effect is a happy – and un-lost – dog.

Under the hood, the FUR is powered by EcoPooch, a turbo-charged direct-injection engine that runs on a combination of organically treated dog waste and water. EcoPooch offers both improved fuel economy and reduced emissions, so dogs everywhere can sniff cleaner air.

With FUR, Bark Buckle UP is bringing personal mobility to the pawtips of a whole new segment of the population, and game-changing My Paw Control builds on the company’s commitment to a better world. So, sit. Stay. We are so not making this up.

About: Bark Buckle UP is recognized as the go-to expert and leading research team on pet travel safety. While promoting pet safety, Bark Buckle UP founder Christina Selter has safely buckled more than 10,000 animals into vehicles, been featured 1,200 national and local newscasts, international press conferences and automobile trade show, delivered over 4,000 pet oxygen masks through her Bark 10-4 program and secured almost 3,000 animals in life vests. Using cutting-edge technology Christina taught more than 60,000 families in her pet safety classes around the country.

As a resourceful and creative entrepreneur with a high-energy personality, Christina counts as her accomplishments:

Writer, Producer, Director of four short films

She wrote the 2002 business plan and distribution plan used by Ford Motor Co. to distribute their zero emissions which resulted in earning Ford the title as the only US car manufacturer to gain their ZEV credits prior to the January 2003

Only woman in the world to hold a NHTSA certification for VIN verification as a New US vehicle manufacturer

*Bark Buckle UP can't take credit for this amazing original article it was written for us, and was due to be released back in 2010. However it was halted by some executives and declined its airtime. We felt you deserved a good laugh. Enjoy and Happy April Fools!

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