Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bark Buckle UP Pet Safety DAYS National Tour

The Pet Safety Days tour is so people and their pets can see and test the TOP pet safety products and travel products for FREE. Plus FREE stuff and Prizes include: AAA Pet Travel Book, ARC Pet First Aid Kit with CD, ASPCA Pet Travel & Safety Products, Bamboo Quick Control Travel Leash, Bark Busters Pet Trainer, Dreyer's Ice Cream, Edy's Ice Cream, FETCH Pet Care, Frosty Paws, Furry Travelers To Go Bowl, Pet Buckle Safety Harness, Precision Pet Crates, Wellness Pet Food and many more. PawYard will be on hand with the famous Pet Photo Booth where each pet can get their photo in safety gear and join the contest for the search of “SAFEST PET IN AMERICA”.

Bark Buckle UP will be giving away their FREE first responder approved Pet Safety Kit. Kits include an emergency pet card and safety decal, to list important information -- if you have a pet at home in need of care, if you are unable to care for it, who to call to care for your pet if they’ve been in an accident with you, and the name and phone number of your pet’s veterinarian. In the event of an accident, the information provided in the Bark Buckle UP Pet Safety Kit will help rescue workers properly seek care for your pet. Bark Buckle UP continues to work closely with fire, police and rescue officials nationwide to gain their support and teach them where to locate the emergency pet card and window decal.

“Seat belts protect millions of people every day,” said Selter, who buckles up her dog Betty, even if she’s just driving to the supermarket. “In the event of an accident, an unrestrained pet can escape and be hit by another vehicle, cause another collision, or attack emergency crews trying to reach an injured party. It only takes a few minutes to safeguard your pet and by properly securing your pet, you are protecting yourself, your passengers, and your pet from injury, not to mention protecting other drivers and strangers trying to help.”

When driving 35 mph, a 60-pound unrestrained dog can cause an impact of 2,700 pounds, slamming into a car seat, windshield, or passenger. Even if the animal survives, it can impede the progress of rescue workers who need every moment possible to safely care for accident victims. Pet restraints in moving vehicles are now required in many states and provinces since they offer several advantages - they help protect pets in the event of a collision; keep pets from running loose and distracting the driver; and prevent pets from escaping the car through an open window or door.

Be Smart Ride Safe™.

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