Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bark Buckle UP's Paw Reporter Daisy Mae Digs Cadillac CTS

As Pawed by Daisy Mae (with a little help from Jim Hamel). A girl could get used to living like this. The Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon I am testing right now is the top of the line Premium Edition which means it has a panoramic sunroof over my head, premium audio (I am a dog but I do love listening to music!), navigation (my owner gets lost without one) and the most buttery leather I have ever rested my backside on.

There is enough room in the back seat for one large breed dog like me but if you have two they had better get along as the CTS Sport Wagon is not all that wide. And don’t try loading them in through the cargo area because the 25 cubic feet of space is accessed through a very narrow load aperture. Yes, I am a dog who knows how to use the word aperture in a sentence. It’s not as rare a talent as you might think in the canine community.

The CTS Sport Wagon’s ultimate lack of interior room is odd to find in a Cadillac since one of the historic virtues of the brand was the epic size of its cars. In the CTS even the knobs on the dash and the power window switches appear made for tiny humans.

Why is it that automakers from other countries super size their interiors for our market and Cadillac shrinks them? It’s not like Cadillac sells a lot of cars outside of the United States. This sort of universality for different markets makes sense in a BMW or Mercedes. Cadillac can afford to be as American as it wants to be and right now the interior of the CTS doesn’t make you want to sing “Born in the USA.” See, I told you I liked music.

Daisy’s Likes:
  • Very stylish
  • Well built, feature laden interior
  • Perfect for one large breed dog who doesn’t like to ride with other dogs
  • Easy to locate D-ring attachments

Daisy’s Dislikes:
  • Limited cargo space
  • Cramped rear seat
  • Small rear window cutout makes it hard to get a breeze

About Daisy: Who is Daisy Mae, she is a Bark Buckle UP PAW automotive writer. She is an 8 year old Boxer who, until recently, called Boxer Rescue Los Angeles her only home. As a senior citizen among many adorable Boxer pups, her chances of being adopted seemed pretty dim. But James Hamel, a freelance auto journalist who works from home, adopted little Miss Daisy Mae and has put her to work helping him write reviews. She now travels with him in every vehicle that he tests and offers up her unique take on what makes a vehicle or product truly “Pet Safe.”

About: Bark Buckle UP® founder Christina Selter “Pet Safety Lady” works with first responders nationwide teaching pet safety and has buckled UP more then 10,000 pets. Education is the first step to show that pet safety is connected to human safety, which helps to save lives. Christina has been featured in more then 1200 TV, radio, segments including print and online takes it over tens of thousands, Bark Buckle UP received more then 100 MILLION in circulations and impressions for 2008 and she has directed, produced several pet safety PSA’s and created Be Smart Ride Safe-take the pledge Buckle Up the whole family.

Vehicle Tested: 2010 Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon Premium Edition
Base Price: $39,090
Premium Edition Base Price: $48,665
Price as Tested: $51,215
Options on Tester: (19-inch Summer Tire Performance Package: $2,090)—19 inch polished aluminum wheels, 19 inch summer tires, sport suspension, steering wheel mounted shifters, performance brakes, performance cooling system, (Compact Spare Tire: $250), (Cargo Tray: $100), (Underhood Appearance Package: $100).
Engine: 3.6 liter V6 engine
Power: 304 horsepower, 273 lb. feet of torque
0-60: 5.8 seconds (estimated)
Economy: 18 city/26 highway
Economy as Tested: 17 miles per gallon
Recommended Fuel: Regular Unleaded
Transmission: 6-speed automatic
Cargo Area: 25 cubic feet (behind second row), 58 cubic feet (behind first row)
Warranty: 4 year/50,000 mile bumper to bumper coverage
5 year/100,000 mile powertrain coverage
Crash Test: (NHTSA)—front driver (4 stars)
Front passenger—(five stars)
Side Impact (both sides)—(five stars)
Rollover—(four stars)

Find more information on the Cadillac CTS Sports Wagon on Yahoo or Google and of course on the Cadillac websites.

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