Monday, September 27, 2010

My Doggie Kitty Cam Pet Safety Lady Gives Top Score

Pet Safety gives the top honors to the Eyenimal or as she calls it the "my doggie kitty cam. Tiny camera for your dog or cat to wear around so you can see what they are up too. Try it on kids too", said Christina Selter "Pet Safety Lady".

Eyenimal is the first brand of miniature video cameras that allow dog and cat owners to step into the lives of their favorite pet. A great way to immortalize your pet on video, tell the story of his or her life, the exciting discoveries, the chance encounters and wild adventures, to reveal his or her whims and fancies and capture all those happy and funny pet moments!

Here are some of the top features you will find with the Dog Cat CAM.

-Owners of free-roaming cats often wonder what their feline companions are up to during their unsupervised outdoor wanderings. What do they do? Where do they go? What interesting encounters do they make? What are the familiar routes that they take? What are their habits?

-The Eyenimal video camera will allow you to capture and relive all those precious moments of complicity between you and
your pet, at your pet’s level.
Elegant and sturdy, this video camera can be used both in a rural and urban environment on all your walks in nature or
the city.

-In their owner’s absence, cats and dogs can get into a lot of mischief. It is often hard to say what causes or motivates our four-legged friends to engage in unruly behavior in the home when we are not around. This video camera will allow pet owners to keep an eye on their beloved pets and to also acquire valuable material to discuss over with an animal behavioral specialist.

-Uniquely designed to fit all standards cats and dogs collars, the holding clip is adjustable to any of the pet’s postures.

-The video camera weighs no more than 35g. Your pet will forget it’s there! Thanks to its casing design, it can also be used in wet or humid conditions.

-Thanks to its 8GB built-in Flash memory and 500mA Li-Ion battery, this video camera can capture images continuously for up to 2 and a half hours. Recorded videos are transferred to your PC by using the USB cable provided (compatible with Microsoft Win 2000, XP, Vista, Mac OS and Linux).

-Uniquely designed to fit all standards cats and dogs collars, the holding clip is adjustable to any of the pet’s postures.

Click the link to visit the Eyenimal website and to purchase this great pet safety product.

About: Bark Buckle UP® founder Christina Selter “Pet Safety Lady” works with first responders nationwide teaching pet safety and has buckled UP more then 10,000 pets. Education is the first step to show that pet safety is connected to human safety, which helps to save lives. Christina has been featured in more then 1200 TV, radio, segments including print and online takes it over tens of thousands, Bark Buckle UP received more then 100 MILLION in circulations/impressions in 2008 and she has directed, produced several pet safety PSA’s and created Be Smart Ride Safe-take the pledge Buckle Up the whole family.

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