Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pet Safety in Campgrounds

Not all campground are alike check ahead to be sure they are pet friendly and safe plus follow all pet regulations while at the campground. Regulations are in place and enforced to protect you, other campers and your pets.
Basic guidelines for pets and camping:
Clean-up after your pet
Keep your pet on a leash/restrained at all times
Check for what areas pets are aloud
Never leave you pet unattended or tied up
Clean, fresh water for your pet
Excess noise normally will not be permitted
Shade for your pet to relax under
Fee may be required
Id tag/licensed
Normally only Guide Dogs are allowed inside the restroom facilities
Be aware of plants not safe to pets
Camping pets, are normally welcome if kept properly under control by the owner also another good tip is pets should be in your tent or camping unit at night.

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