Saturday, January 10, 2009

Silicon Valley International Auto Show

San Jose, Ca, December 30, 2008 – According to national statistics the number of pets traveling in vehicles is at an all-time high. Because most animals travel unrestrained, the corresponding risk to vehicle occupants, pets and first responders called to an accident site is of growing concern.
Bark Buckle UP, a pet safety advocate organization, will be at the San Jose Auto Show to discuss the problem of unrestrained animals traveling in moving vehicles and to review how to properly secure pets by using available pet safety products…capable of safeguarding animals, owners and others should an accident occur.
Bark Buckle UP founder, Christina Selter will be present January 8th at the FORD display area to discuss the need for safer pet transportation in vehicles. Bark Buckle UP will also be Pet Travel & Safety Gear GIVEAWAY to the public January 8th Opening Day starting at 10:00 am next to the Ford Flex bring a picture of your pet to the
display and receive One Free Pet Travel or Safety Gear product while supplies last. The giveaway retail value is more then 3000 dollars in prizes. The Ford Flex is one of the “nominees for the 2009 Pet Safe Vehicle of Choice Awards” come check it out and see how to keep your pet safe during travels (products can include Safety Harness, Quick Connect Leash, Travel Bowls, SleepyPod, and much more).
Because more pets now travel with their owners there is a risk to vehicle occupants and others should an accident occur. For first responders called to render aid – the challenge of securing a frightened or injured animal before treating victims can be of equal concern.
Bark Buckle UP encourages public service agencies to track animal involved accident data and to contribute this information to Bark Buckle UP Stat Tracker, a data collection system hosted by Bark Buckle UP. Stat Tracker gathers pet safety statistics for the purpose of informing lawmakers and others of the need for safer pet
• A 35 mph accident, a 60-pound dog can cause an impact of 2,700 pounds (Bark)
• Pet hotel travel has increased 300% since 2005 (APPMA)
• 82% of dogs travel in the car and on vacation (APPMA)
• 98% of dogs travel unrestrained in a moving vehicle (CA Traffic Safety Workbook Bark)
• 63% of US households – 71.1 million homes - have a pet (APPMA)
• 50% of dog owners consider pet travel needs when selecting a vehicle (APPMA)
APPMA: American Pet Products Manufacturers Association.

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